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The Artist

Laura Nelson lives and works in Fernie BC where lifestyle, community, and landscape create a powerful sense of place and provide endless inspiration for this visual artist. Her paintings celebrate the colour, rhythm, and energy of iconic Canadian landscapes  and reveal the intensity of her bond to these natural places. Starting at an early age with pencil and pastels, her artistic journey has been focused on a self directed study and practice of painting  since 2004. Private and corporate collections of her work can be found across the globe.

"The power of place to conjure memories, feelings of connection and that humbling sense of belonging to something much bigger than ourselves, interests me. Through my work, I hope  to draw attention to the beauty and significance of our wild places and build connections to them. I look for patterns in shapes and shadows that weave a scene together and infuse them into my paintings to recreate the  flow of energy and magic I see in the landscape. There's a sense of  sculpting with my brush as I play intuitively with colour, abstract shapes and texture to create the illusion of 3 dimensions on the flat surface of my canvas. The end result is always a surprise."


Stay tuned for details on the next one!

I had the privilege of sharing my studio for the first time on Saturday with an inspiring group of ladies, eager to experience the process of painting. It was magic to watch them bravely take the leap, connect with their creative selves and produce paintings that reflected their individuality and personal style! A beautiful and fitting tribute to Earth Day. Feeling very inspired!


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